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Alpine Fire Skid Unit GX12060 - 1c.png


UTV Water Skid Units

Alpine portable water pump skids are well suited for property owners, farmers, ranchers, industrial construction workers, neighborhoods, wildland fire crews, and much more. 

These fully assembled water pump skid units are proudly manufactured in America and are built from the highest quality components available. 

Having a reliable portable water pump system on hand in case of an emergency is critical. Alpine skid units are designed to help with a wide variety of day-to-day activities but also be reliable and perform as a fire skid unit at a moment's notice to suppress wildland spot fires. 

Alpine UTV skids are affordable, reliable, and designed to fit in the bed of all popular UTV's. Consider a custom build if our standard unit doesn't fit your UTV.

Common uses for a UTV water skid include:

 - Fire Suppression

 - Prescribed Burn Control

 - Plant Spraying/Watering

 - Remote Water Supply/Transport

 - Equipment Washdown

 - Stall / Barn / Structure Washdown

 - Dust Control

 - and much more.

UTV Water Pump Skids

GXH5060 Water Buffalo Skid - Alpine Skids


Model: GXH5060 Honda Motor

Pump Max - 70GPM / 55PSI

GX12060 Water Pump Skid - Alpine Skids


Model: GX12060 - Honda Motor

Pump Max - 95GPM / 60PSI

GXH5060HP - UTV Fire Skid Unit


Model: GXH5060HP - Honda Motor

Pump Max - 70GPM / 100PSI


Alpine manufacturers custom skid units for a wide range of applications including:

  • Firefighting

  • Industrial Applications

  • Pressure Washer Skids

  • Trailer Mounted Water Pumps

  • Agricultural Sprayers

  • and much more. You dream it, we build it!

Alpine designs and manufacturers quality solutions that far exceed your expectation. 

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