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Twin Tip Forestry Nozzle

Twin Tip Forestry Nozzle. Made in the USA. 

Ideal for wildland firefighting and conforms to Forest Service Specifications (USDA FS 5100).

Available with NST or NPSH Threads.

Comes standard with 3GPM Fog and 3/16" Straight Stream tips (These tips can be changed upon request - 6GPM, 16GPM and 1/4”, 3/8” tips also available)


Note: If you are connecting this nozzle to a smaller or larger size discharge hose or valve, you can purchase a separate thread adapter.

Twin Tip Forestry Nozzle

  • Made in the USA
  • 1" Inlet - NPSH or NST Thread
  • Valve has three positions; Lower Outlet (stream), Upper Outlet (Fog), and Off
  • Adjustable from fog to straight stream to off with twist shutoff

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