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Commercial Backback Sprayer - JACTO

Jacto’s 4-gallon (16-liter) CD400 has long been a popular choice among farmers, landscapers, construction crews, and others who need extreme toughness and maximum resistance to abusive chemicals, especially those that have an EPA approved petroleum-derived added.

Very popular for use when spraying tumbleweeds and sagebrush type material or heavy-duty weed/brush killers. The CD400 has a heavy-duty internal brass piston pump with dual Viton piston cups and mechanical agitation, very accurate tank measurements, and can be configured for right or left-hand operation.

The CD400 performance test exceeded 2500 hours of continuous operation without breakdown. This pump only takes 8 handle pumps to achieve 45 psi, reducing operator fatigue.

3-year warranty

Commercial Backback Sprayer - JACTO

SKU: CD400

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