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Economy Twist Nozzle

Featuring twist-to-activate nozzles for washdown, dust control, fire suppression, or any other application where adjustable fog nozzles are needed to disperse water.

  • The body is corrosion resistant
  • Made from polycarbonate
  • Spray Pattern - Solid Stream Pattern - Fog Spray Pattern - Switch Off
  • Thread Options - GHT (Garden Hose Thread) & NH / NST (Fire Hose Thread)


Nozzle Performance in GPM:

Twist Nozzle 3/4" GHT = 8 GPM

Twist Nozzle 1" NST = 22 GPM

Twist Nozzle 1.5" NST = 80 GPM

Economy Twist Nozzle

SKU: N112B
  • Adjust flow from straight stream to fog and open/close
  • Body is corrosion resistant
  • Black Bumper

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