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What is Class 'A' Foam?

How does Class 'A' Foam work and what is it?

Class 'A' Foam is one of the most effective, and environmentally friendly products available for fighting, managing, and controlling wildland fires. The techniques used for applying the foam product can vary depending on the situation but either way, it serves the same purpose.

Class A Foam is very effective in most firefighting applications by allowing you to extinguish the fire quickly and reduce the amount of water needed to do so. This type of foam is used by both urban and wildland firefighting crews and is proven to be more effective than just using water alone.

How Class A Foam Works

There are surfactants in Class A foam that allow the water to penetrate the burning fuels quickly by greatly reducing water surface tension. Surfactants allow the water to go further and soak into solid and combustible materials to suppress the fire by removing heat. This is important because when faced with grass, brush, or forest fires, you often have limited access to water to start with, and rekindles are common if the fire isn't fully suppressed.

When air is also added to the water and surfactant mixture, it creates a foam blanket that can engulf the burning fuels to remove heat and act as a barrier to stop oxygen from entering. Not only does the foam help eliminate the fire but stays on the fuel long enough to reduce any chance of a rekindle.

Water Surface Tension - Drawing

The advantage of using Class ’A’ Foam in a wildland fire situation:

  • It allows you to increase firefighter safety by shortening the time it takes to suppress the fire.

  • Allows you to conserve your already limited water supply.

  • Reduces the chance for fuels to reignite or rekindle.

  • Reduces mop-up requirements.

How to Apply Class A Foam

Wildland Fire - Class A Foam

Alpine Skids offers 2 options that allow you to effectively use Class ‘A’ Foam in a firefighting situation.

These 2 options include:

  1. Fire Skid Plumbed Foam System - this system is built into the fire skid unit itself and draws the Class ‘A’ Foam mixture from a designated container.

  2. Attachable Portable Foam Cartridge - this system is effective for quick deployment. Simply thread the cartridge to the end of a 1" or 1.5" fire hose and you are ready to go. View Product

If you would like to learn more about Class ‘A’ Foam and how you can be using it to suppress fire, please don't hesitate to reach out. Contact Us

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