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Industrial / Construction Water Skid Units

Alpine portable water pump skids are well suited for industrial applications and are designed to mount in a truck bed, UTV side by side bed, or on a trailer. Alpine manufactures skid units that are built to last and be reliable at a moment's notice.


These fully assembled water pump units are proudly manufactured in America and are built from the highest quality components available. 

In the industrial and construction market, an Alpine Skid serves many purposes but the most common is for control dust. Dust is a big problem for industrial construction sites. It's very easy for soil or gravel surface particles to become loose and be carried by the wind. Water is an inexpensive solution to control and mitigate this problem. Wetting the surface of a road, driveway, or dirt area has proven to be very effective.    

Along with dust control, Alpine skids are used for a variety of applications.

Common uses for these water skid units include:

 - Equipment washdown/cleaning

 - Dust Control

 - Remote Water Supply

 - and much more.

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Alpine Skid Unit - Rendering - Base230G.


Industrial Water Skid Units

Truck Bed or Trailer Mounted 



Industrial Water Skid Units

Utility Vehicle (UTV) Bed Mounted

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Industrial Water Skid Units

Custom Build

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