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Wildland Fire Skid Units

Alpine portable fire suppression skids are suited for property owners, HOA neighborhoods, and fire service crews in wildfire-prone areas. These skids units are designed to mount in a Truck, ATV/UTV, or on a Trailer. Alpine focuses on supplying the highest quality skid units that are built to last and be reliable at a moment's notice.


These fully assembled skid units (also known as, Water Buffalos or water Mule Firefighting Skid Units) are proudly manufactured in America and are built from the highest quality components available. 

The main advantage of using an Alpine portable fire skid unit is it allows you to respond quickly and control a fire before it has time to grow. It's very common for wildland fire crews to include a pickup truck or UTV in their fleet with a water skid unit because of their reliability and accessibility advantages.

In a wildland fire situation, accessibility and time is everything. Being able to get to the fire and suppress it quickly is the difference between saving valuables and losing them. Alpine skid units are powerful and reliable fire suppression systems that are designed to work with your existing equipment (Truck or UTV).

Wildland fires happen every year in the Western States and burn thousands of acres including homes and livelihoods. Being proactive in helping prevent the start of a wildfire or spread of a controlled burn is essential in limiting the amount of damage caused each year.

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Alpine manufacturers custom skid units for a wide range of applications including:

  • Firefighting

  • Industrial Applications

  • Pressure Washer Skids

  • Trailer Mounted Water Pumps

  • Agricultural Sprayers

  • and much more. You dream it, we build it!

Alpine designs and manufacturers quality solutions that far exceed your expectation. 

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